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UK Driving Licences

See Changing your legal gender in the UK.

You do not need to have had gender reassignment surgery in order to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), but you need to show that you have lived for two years in the gender you wish your birth certificate to reflect (not currently including non-binary identities). In practice the panel will usually require three or four items of evidence, which might include things like your passport, rent book, wage slips or benefit book if they show that you have been living in your true gender for two years.

You must also provide the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) with two medical reports to confirm you have or have had gender dysphoria. You will normally be expected to provide one from a registered medical practitioner or psychologist practising in the field of gender dysphoria and one from your regular GP.

If you legally change your name and hold a current UK driving licence, you must inform the DVLA of this without delay. It is an offence if you fail to do so, and will result in a fine.

In order to change your name and gender on your licence you will need to obtain form D1 ‘Application for a driving licence’ from your post office.

The DVLA only issues photocard licences now, so you will require a photo for your new driving licence, unless your existing licence is a photocard type which still closely matches your appearance. For information on acceptable photos see the information leaflet that should come with the driving licence application form, or check online here.
If you are unsure, ask a member of staff in your local post office for advice.

What Do I Need To Send?

Fill in the form where necessary.

You will need to send to the DVLA along with the application form:

  1. Covering Letter from your GP or Psychiatrist
  2. Statutory Declaration or Deed Poll
  3. Old Driving Licence (both photocard and paper parts of new style licences)
  4. An acceptable certified photograph (if required)
  5. Appropriate payment (cheque/postal order only), if updating the photo (Name update only is free.) – current prices are listed here

Further details on acceptable identity documents is available on the DVLA website.

Covering Letter From GP or Psychiatrist

The covering letter you send with your application should state the following:

  1. That you wish your legal name on your licence changed to your new legal name
  2. That the gender code be altered to that of your new gender role
  3. That you intend to stay in this role and it will be a permanent change

What Is The Gender Code?

You will have a driver number on your driving licence. On the front of your photocard it is item number 5.

This driver number includes a code that states your gender. This code is the second digit of the driver number.

For female drivers it should be: a 5 or a 6.

For male drivers it should be: a 0 or a 1.

You should check this immediately upon receipt of your new licence, and contact them if it is incorrect.

Don’t forget, if you own a vehicle, that you will also need to update the name on the registration certificate (V5C) and insurance.