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Welcome to T-Vox

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Welcome to T-Vox. We aim to provide the most comprehensive advice, information and support website on the internet for Transgender, intersex, genderqueer/non-binary, and gender questioning people; their friends; and their families.

Our work is split into three sections: this website (which you can help add to); our chat room (where you can get support and advice in real time, or just chat to people in a similar situation to yourself); and our news service (which provides information and advice on current affairs around the world). You may also find our series of podcasts both useful and informative.

If English is not your first language, visit our languages page.

If You are new to T-Vox, start here

If you are new to T-Vox, or the Transgender and intersex communities, we have created some advice and guidance pages just for you. These pages cover the basics and link to other pages to give further information. To start with, try clicking on the title that best describes you: