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Jennifer Kirk (left) and Zoe Kirk-Robinson (right) host the T-Vox Podcasts

Jennifer Kirk (left) and Zoe Kirk-Robinson (right) host the T-Vox Podcasts

T-Vox podcasts are short, ten-minute, discussions about topics of interest to genderqueer, intersex and/or transsexual people. Each discussion either covers a specific topic or gives an overview to a subject into which subsequent discussions will delve in more detail.

The podcasts are created by Zoë Kirk-Robinson and Jennifer Kirk. If you have a topic you would like to hear covered in an upcoming podcast, please contact either Zoë or Jenny and they will see what they can do.

The Podcasts

The podcasts now have their own blog and associated RSS feed so you can subscribe directly if you want to. For those of you who only want one or two specific casts, the complete list of available podcasts is presented below.

Discussion 01 – 07 January 2008 – Passing Tips: Voice

This introductory podcast gives a general overview of speech therapy techniques. It is aimed mainly at male-to-female transsexual people but covers general topics that may also be of use to other listeners.

Discussion 2 part 1 – 08 January 2008 – Passing Tips: Chest Resonance

In the first of five parts for this discussion on speech and language we look at chest resonance; discussing how it affects the way in which we speak and how we can remove it.

Discussion 2 part 2 – 08 January 2008 – Passing Tips: Pitch

In the second part of our discussion about speech and language we look at the effects of pitch and discuss some ways we can change our pitch.

Discussion 2 part 3 – 08 January 2008 – Passing Tips: Enunciation, elocution and ‘frontage’

How we form words and use them to present in our chosen gender is the topic of this third part of our discussion on speech and language.

Discussion 2 part 4 – 08 January 2008 – Passing Tips: Mannerisms and language use

Pitch, chest resonance and clarity of speech are the backbone of any good voice but the icing on the cake, so to speak, is the words we choose to discuss topics and the way in which we put ourselves across with our speech. In the fourth part of our discussion we talk about these mannerisms and the effects our choice of language has on how we are read.

Discussion 2 part 5 – 08 January 2008 – Passing Tips: FTM speech tips

Transmen have specific issues regarding speech and language, so in this final part of our discussion we address the topics specific to male voices.

Reintroduction – 15 August 2009

Jenny and Zoë discuss the effect of poor journalism on minority groups.

Clothing tips – 15 August 2009

Jenny and Zoë discuss tips on dressing to suit your own style so you don’t stand out, and also briefly touch on the concept of cisgender privilege.

Confidence and Sex Drives – 05 September 2009

Zoë talks about the positive effect of building your confidence while Jenny discusses the effect of hormones and transition on sex drives.

Hormone Myths – 10 October 2009

Zoë and Jenny discuss the various myths and commonly-held fallacies regarding hormone replacement therapy. Also available as a video.

Preparing for Transition – 06 March 2010

Jenny and Zoë talk about all the things you need to do to get ready for the big day, and how to make the process so much smoother.

Workplace Discrimination – 12 April 2010

Jenny and Zoë discuss the methods of dealing with workplace discrimination, including use of formal grievance procedures and the UK’s Employment Tribunal system.

Peer pressure in Transition – 10 April 2011

Jenny and Zoë return with a new series of podcasts, this first one discussing the problems surrounding the realisation that transition and surgery may not be for you.

Preparing for Surgery – 02 September 2012

Jenny and Zoe return with a new episode covering what you can expect from surgery, how to prepare for going into hospital and what to do once you get home.

The Stonewall Trans Meeting – 05 September 2014

The podcast returns as Jenny and Zoë discuss Stonewall’s recent meeting with trans activists in what will hopefully start a long and fruitful cooperation to further trans and intersex rights.