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Multiple System

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A multiple system is a group of people living in the same body, each with hir own identity. Contrary to Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder), all the members of a multiple system share solid memories, rather than having the “holes” in memory from the when another person comes forward.

Characteristics of multiple systems

The most common number of members of a multiple system is two, sometimes three, but more is possible.

The member separation is extremely variable. Certain multiple systems are inhabited by all their members at once, with short separations in the course of their thought when the members have differing views. Others are inhabited by a single member at once, the others remaining idle, or with the others staying conscious but leaving voluntarily and shifting control to someone else. The change can be sudden or gradual.

Every member of a multiple system generally has their own name.

Kinds of multiple systems

It is very common for the members of multiple systems to have different personalities and identities. That can create issues of dysphoria for those whose personality does not correspond to the body.

The existence of the multiple systems is rarely recognised. Multiple systems can have trouble transitioning, because psychiatrists consider the multiplicity as a disorder.