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Bigenderism is a form of transgenderism involving the adoption of differing feminine and masculine traits.

To take the term literally, “Bi” means two or both and, applied to gender, voila! You have Bigender. Often people in this category have polar opposites, acquiring purely feminine or masculine traits that don’t coincide and can vary throughout the day, week, months, or change through the years (though many people might refer to these people as FTMTF or MTFTM of some degree).

Is there anybody out there besides me?

The answer is yes, though often the people of these variants are hard to find.

HELP! I refer to myself as TWO People!

Slow down, partner. First off, remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with this, and no, you’re not crazy nor do you suffer MPD. At times, our genders are very different and, with the brain’s perception, we are unable to link the pieces together. Sometimes individuals with a “gender oriented” name add a second name to ease distress when they are the opposite gender.

Often, people will have two names in order to separate the two rather than stay neutral. When a person references themself by a third-person name, it usually comes with explanation considering in their current state and gender they are unable to see a view point that they know exists in the opposite.

Someone called me a Fake!

Unfortunately, this occurs far too frequently, often leading to self-dismissal of being bigender. If this has happened to you try to take a deep breath, explain that this is who you are, and then be prepared. People aren’t always kind, and it really sucks but it is crucial to make sure that you, as an individual, are pacified.

I’m a crossdresser who feels I am bigender.

Sometimes people who crossdress feel like they are two genders. They may spend a significant amount of time dressed and therefore experience their gender in two modes. Crossdressing does not always indicate transgender status or that someone is transitioning, however.

I’m in early transition and I feel I am bigender.

People who are in early transition sometimes go through a period of time in which they feel they are two genders, no gender or somewhere in the middle. They may feel pressure from those who feel they should identify with one gender or the other. It’s okay to be bigender if you should want to keep both identities. You do not have to feel pressured to choose.

Sexual orientation

It might seem that a bigender identity must go with a bisexual identity but gender identity and sexual orientation are independent. It is possible to be bigender and not bisexual, or bisexual but not bigender.

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