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Original page written for T-VOX.

This page is intended to be used as a gateway into the large database of articles concerning laws and legal issues that are contained within the T-Vox Wiki. It is divided into sections depending upon which area of the law and listed alphabetically by country.

The contents list should be used as a quick guide to reach the section you may require and find easily the articles of relelvence. It is intended to expand this page to include further countries, and more in-depth information on countries already listed as and when this information becomes available in the T-Vox Wiki.


Legal systems and their associated laws vary from country to country, and this section is sub-dived to provide links of relevance to each country and catagorised together in relevant groups. As the T-VOX Wiki is expanded, it is hoped to cover more countries and include articles to provide information on areas currently not yet covered.

General non country-specific topics


Name/Record changes


Marriage Related


Name change



Record/Name change


South Africa



Record/Name change

United Kingdom

General Topics

Employment related articles

Associated Acts of parliament

Dismissal Articles

Data protection/access and records/name changes

Related Pages

Associated Acts of Parliament

Privacy and Harassment issues

Associated Acts of Parliament

Marriage related

UK Case Law Precedents

United States

Employment Related Articles

Proposed legislation

Names and Records changes

US Case Law Precedents

Other resources

Other Countries

Please note that this page is still under construction. Check back later for addition of other country-specific pages

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