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Therapists in Finland

The following is a list of therapists in Finland.
Seuraava on haluttaa -lta terapeutti kotona Suomi.

For therapists elsewhere in Europe, see Therapists in Europe.
Ajaksi terapeutti muualla kotona Eurooppa , hiippakunta Terapeutti kotona Eurooppa.

For therapists elsewhere in the world, see Therapists by region.
Ajaksi terapeutti muualla kotona maailma , hiippakunta Terapeutti luona ala.

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Transsexual/Transgender investigations are centralised to Helsinki (HYKS) and Tampere University Hospitals (TAYS). According to Finnish law it is impossible to only use a private doctor. Legal gender correction procedure is stipulated in Finnish SoC according to the 6th section of the law.
Transsexual ja Transgender tutkimus aari polttopiste model after Helsinki (HYKS) ja Tampere Korkeakoulu Sairaala (TAYS). Suomi ertaa sananvalta te ei apu ainoa kahdenkeskinen tohtoroida. Juridinen menetelmä jotta korjata sukupuoli on spesifioida kotona Suomi korkeushyppytelineet ajaksi haluta kotona 6th jakso kotona ertaa.


Ms Tuula Emas and Mr Kari Kaimola
Väestöliitto, PL 849, 00101 Helsinki
Heli says: ‘I have experiences from Mr Kari Kaimola. He helped our marriage to survive. We had a terrible crisis with my transsexuality. He provided information about this phenomenon. He was neutral all the time. We started to discuss about this issue after his help.’

Matti Holi, Ph.D. MD
Mehiläinen clinic
010 414 2202

Transgender Support Centre
Heli says: ‘They have some free therapy for individuals as well as therapy in groups. I have taken part in them. But there is a mixed group for women and Transgender people. And I can’t identify myself there.’