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Sex reassignment surgery results

Please note: This article is a work in progress. When complete, it will contain photographs of surgical sites and may therefore be unsuitable for viewing by a young audience or those easily offended.

The end result of various sex reassignment surgeries will depend on the procedure used in the operation. There are several different procedures in use, each with their advantages and disadvantages. The type of procedure available to you will depend on both your birth gender and the amount of physical material available, as well as the preferred method of your surgeon.

Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Techniques

Penile Inversion Technique

Peno-Scrotal Flap Technique

Female-to-Male Sex Reassignment Techniques

See for photos and people’s experiences of various surgeries, including chest reconstruction (whether done by double mastectomy or – if you are very very small – liposuction), metoidioplasty, and phalloplasty. Hysto results are not on transbucket, but as it is a relatively common surgery not specific to trans people, you should be able to find pictures of scars from abdominal and laproscopic hysterectomies without much trouble.

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