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I’m Intersexed

Currently we are working on this page and would appreciate help and input on how to improve it.

A brief overview

Intersexuality or intersex is very complex. It should be pointed out that it isn’t necessarily always obvious, and that a person who is intersex may not need know that they are so. The fact that they are may never be known, and in some cases it has only been known to come to light because of observations made by doctors in wholly unrelated medical treatment.

It is also important to note that, unlike many people who identify as transsexual, it is not always the case that an intersex person will feel a need to transition from their birth-assigned gender. It is perhaps more important to intersex people to understand their condition, and to know that it does not detract from themselves in any way as a person.

Transition or not to transition

As has been said above, not all intersex people are unhappy with their current assignment of gender, and it is highly likely that the information that they seek is purely medical. The T-VOX Wiki has many entries covering many of the most common intersex conditions, although it should be noted that the list of such conditions is not exhaustable.

However, there are some intersex people who may feel that their genders were incorrectly assigned at birth, and they may wish to transition in the same way that many transsexual people do. The T-VOX wiki contains many articles to deal with such a need, and it may be helpful for intersex people opting to travel down this route to view the pages associated with thinking you may be transsexual.

As a final aside, it is worth noting that a number of people who start down the road to transitioning to another gender find at some point on the route that they were actually intersex. It is not unheard of, for example, for a trans woman to discover at gender reassignment surgery that there may be evidence to show that she is intersexed.

At no point should an intersex person who is happy with their gender presentation feel that they are compelled to take any action at all. If you are happy with living in your birth-assigned gender, your intersexuality isn’t really a reason to consider transition, which is a personal path taken for a complex variety of reasons.

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