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T-Vox Forum Destruction 2006

On the morning of Sunday 22 January 2006 the administrator of T-Vox, Zoe Robinson, decided to upgrade the software used to run the T-Vox forum system following a tip-off about a security breach found on another site running the same software.

The upgrade ran smoothly, with backups of all forum data having been taken as a precautionary measure and all upgrade instructions for the site being followed. Everything should have gone smoothly for the installation of the newer software but, unfortunately, something went wrong and it was decided that the best course of action would be to restore the forum from the last known good backup. It was at this point that a corruption in the backup was discovered and subsequent investigations revealed all backups were similarly corrupted.

Going through the error logs and the other information at hand, it appears that there has been a problem with T-Vox’s database for some time, resulting in a failure to properly backup vital forum information on both accounts and posts.

As a result of this problem, all accounts and forum postings on T-Vox have been destroyed. Work to restore anything from the backups has, so far, failed.

As it runs off a separate database, the wiki aspect of T-Vox has been unaffected by these problems.