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Please note: This page is part of the history of T-Vox.

It is archived for historical purposes and is no longer updated.

T-vox-logo-smallT-Vox is considering moving from a wiki system to a WordPress-based system. The reason for this is to present the information on the site in a more streamlined, easy-to-use and easier-to-manage way. We don’t want to do this without consulting everyone who uses the site, however – so please let us know your thoughts.

The wiki has been the main focal point of T-Vox since early 2006, when we switched from the original microblog/wiki/forum system to the wiki-and-forum setup we have now. During that time, the site has expanded rapidly to become the largest source of information, advice and resources for trans people in the world.

The expansion brought us a lot of attacks from transphobic activist groups, and also from spammers. We had to limit editing abilities on the wiki to an authorised list (you can get authorisation easily however – just email us and we’ll set up an account for you) because we were getting 2-3000 attacks an hour (from both transphobes and spammers) and repairing the damage had become a full-time job.

Switching to a WordPress setup solves the attack problem, but it does change the very nature of the site. That’s why I want to hear your views on what we should do. Our primary options right now are:

1. Switch to WordPress (which may take up to a month to set up, so the wiki as it stands will still be here until then) and introduce guest advice blogging as well as keeping the comprehensive coverage we have already established (by converting all wiki pages over to the new system).

2. Leave the wiki as it is and introduce new pages to more easily explain how to get involved with T-Vox.

3. Do option 2 plus introduce guest advice blogging, either on a new WordPress site or as a set of pages here on the wiki.

4. Do something else – please tell us what that should be if you choose this option, though!

The WordPress site we are considering switching to is currently available by clicking here.

We want to know your thoughts because T-Vox is here for you. Please let us know what you think by emailing Zoe Kirk-Robinson at

Thank you. —Zoe Robinson (talk) 04:51, 28 February 2014 (MST)