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A guide to transition

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If you are currently starting or planning transition, the following pages may be worth reading. These pages are, of course, only a guide and it is best to remember that everyone will have different experiences and no guide can give you hard and fast rules about what will work best for you.

General information

Transition stories

Clothing and make-up

Speech and body language

Without adequate work on how you speak and how you present yourself, depending on how well you pass physically and where in the world you are, passing may be more difficult for you. This sounds harsh but look at it from the point of view of the average person in the street: you see someone who looks just like everyone around them but the way they move makes them stand out and when they speak, their voice shatters your expectations.

Trans men get a helping hand with their voices because of the effects of testosterone on the larynx but word use and mannerisms are just as important as pitch and bass when it comes to passing.

Most people will not go ‘oh my god, that person’s a transsexual!’ because it doesn’t occur to them that trans people actually walk down the street and live their lives among the rest of society. They may think that you’re gay or simply that you’re odd.

Looking at how people of your age and gender speak, act, position themselves and use all other aspects of body language will help greatly in achieving a successful transition.

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