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Transgender publications


There are now many books available covering transgenderism, including cross-dressing.

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  • The Lazy Crossdresser (Greenery Press, 2002) is a carefree and useful guide by Charles Anders, who has been cross-dressing publicly for several years. The book covers topics including doing your makeup, body image, embarrassment-free clothes shopping, making decisions about your head and body hair, and also has a 28 page appendix of resources which includes transgender organizations and support groups, as well as shopping.

Magazines and periodicals

Several magazines and periodicals exist for the transgender community, including:

  • Transgender Tapestry, the quarterly journal of The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE),
  • GIRLTALK magazine,
  • The Femme Mirror (published quarterly by Tri-Ess)
  • Sweetheart Connection (published quarterly by Tri-Ess)

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References and further reading

  • Peggy J. Rudd, Crossdressing With Dignity: The Case For Transcending Gender Lines, PM Publishers, Inc., 1999. ISBN 0962676268.
  • Charles Anders, The Lazy Crossdresser, Greenery Press, 2002. ISBN 1890159379.

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