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The following is a list of shops that are known to be Trans friendly. Some sell clothing or shoes; some sell binders or packers for trans men; some sell breast forms or clothes to aid in tucking for trans women. Please note that all the links are to external websites that are not within our control and so T-Vox cannot be held responsible for their content.

The shops list is split into continents due to its length. Please find the continent you are interested in below, and work from there.

Online Shops

Big Brothers Used Binder Program
Help for those who are unable to afford a new binder. This is the place to get a quality used binder.

Dawn’s Boutique
Specialises in quality illusion and transformation products and services for MTFs, crossdressers, drag performers, pre-op folks and post-op folks. Clothes, breast forms, shoes, wigs, makeup, costumes and lots of other great products. Open 24 hours per day!

D.J. Knows Dick
Finally a dick that’s comfortable and soft to pack, looks like a real dick under casual inspection, and can be pissed through.

Dreamshoes offers fashionable (non-fetish) women’s shoes in sizes 10 to 15, including wide and extra wide widths.

The FTM Prosthesis
The prosthesis is proportioned to simulate a generic man’s penis and testicles, and will comfortably sit in your underwear, creating a very natural look. Each prosthesis is custom-made with a choice of 15 skin shades.

Maple Drive
Europe’s Premier Lingerie Site
Over 15,000 products. At any one time there are typically over 500 special offers at up to 60% off high street prices. They’ve shipped to over 85 countries, with most sales going to the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.
All parcels are sent anonymously in plain white boxes or envelopes. Staff is very understanding of all special or unusual needs – “we’ve heard it all!” They also have a good selection of large-sized garments.

Milavitsa Lingerie is lingerie online store of high-quality brand new lingerie. Ships worldwide.

Title Nine Sports
Sells the Frog Bra, which is ideal for binding if you’re a B or smaller (bigger-chested folks may like it also). Also sells assorted women’s athletic and casual clothing as well as underwear.

Professional impersonator Jesse Volt’s popular Trans boutique with everything a woman needs, including speciality wigs, shoes designed for the male foot to size 17W, silicone breast forms and hips, lingerie, feathers, cosmetics, classic to large sized jewellery, custom apparel and corsets, hosiery and so much more. TrannieGear also has some great transforming tips, as well as newsletters that go over crossover steps to you can appear as the vision of beauty you always wanted to.

Transgentry features new and pre-worn clothing and accessories for the style-conscious Transman.

Binders for FTMs, particularly bigger-chested folks. Double front compression shirt/vest is generally considered the best, followed by the Tri-top.

Wigs R Us
70 King Street
01704 546677
Wigs of all sorts as well as clothing. The shop is also a ladies’ hairdressing salon, so it is advisable to contact them before going there.

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