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Please note: This  page refers to a part of T-Vox that no longer exists. It is preserved for historical reasons.

This article refers to the T-Vox wiki, the policies for which are now separate from the policies of the Forum and Chat Room. For Forum/Chat Room policies, please see T-Vox Rules and Regulations.

Rule One: Neutrality

All documents on the T-Vox wiki should be free of opinion, conjecture and other language that could cloud the facts of the article. It is the goal of the T-Vox wiki to present a set of documents that are wholly factual and personal opinion detracts from this. Personal opinions should be kept for the Forum, the Chat Room or, if necessary, a wiki member’s user page.

Rule Two: Language

Because the differences in the varieties of English as spoken in the various countries of the world can lead to confusion over meaning when they are mixed in a text-based medium, T-Vox aims to use only British English – that is, the English as spoken in the United Kingdom – in its general pages or pages relating to international issues. Other cultural variations on these pages should be translated where found.

The exception to this is on pages relating to a specific country. In these cases, the local version of English should be used in order to present the information in the clearest form for those most likely to use it. All content on the Wiki should be presented in English unless it is absolutely necessary to present a small amount of text and/or graphics in another language. T-Vox may be presented in other languages at a later date but until then, please keep all articles in English.

Similarly, T-Vox does not censor its articles so course language, where necessary, will be presented. However, vulgarities and other offensive terms should be avoided unless absolutely necessary – just because they’re allowed doesn’t make them needed.

Rule Three: Wiki Structure

The various categories used on T-Vox are designed to allow T-Vox to create a series of ‘portals’ to information. It is therefore important that these categories and other, similar structures are adhered to. If a need to change the structure of T-Vox is identified then any proposed changes must be discussed and agreed on before they are implemented. To simply attempt to change the structure of the wiki will cause widespread problems with T-Vox and will therefore be deemed vandalism.

Rule Four: Conduct

Wiki members, whether registered or editing the wiki without registering, are expected to behave in a civilised manner, toward each other and also toward non-editing users of T-Vox, at all times.