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Support Groups in South America

This page contains links to the pages listing support groups in South America. It should be presumed that these providers are in their respective country’s native language, unless otherwise indicated.

For support groups related to SOFFAs or loved ones of Transgender people, see here.

Disclaimer: Listings are for information purposes only and do not constitute recommendations by T-Vox. All websites listed here are outside of our control; T-Vox is not responsible for their content.


Transsexuals For The Right Of Life And Identity: Transdevi
Casilla de Correo
151 j.C.P. 1748 Gral. Rodriguez
Buenos Aires


Purpurina (Glitter) Project
Katia Monteiro
No. 55 Rua Da Gloria, #30
Gloria, Rio de Janiero
(02)252 4757
Fax: (02) 227 5944
Educational outreach, AIDS awareness, referrals.