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Support groups in the East South Central States

The following is a list of support groups in the East South Central States. For support groups grouped by Census Division, see Support groups in the United States.

For support groups outside the United States, see Support groups.

Disclaimer: Listings are for information purposes only and do not constitute recommendations by T-Vox. All websites listed here are outside of our control; T-Vox is not responsible for their content.


Alabama Gender Alliance
Ox Freeman is the Executive Director of this state-wide Transgender rights organisation. You can contact him at for resources and events in Alabama.

The HASUBET Society / Debutantes of Dixie
Near Birmingham, AL
Telephone: 1256 435 6178
“HASUBET” stands for Help, Assist, Support, Uphold, Befriend, Encourage, Transgender.

LGBT Community Center of New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS LA 70116-2013
Telephone: 1504 945 1103
Fax: 1504 945 1102
Transgender peer support group meets every second Saturday of the month at 4 pm at the Center. Purpose of the group is peer support for all Transgender people in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. It is an open, accepting group of people seeking support, guidance, and social events. Open door policy. Email for more information.

Sigma Rho Gamma
PO BOX 16174
HUNTSVILLE AL 35802-1644
Monthly meetings relating directly to the crossdresser and their family. Membership includes subscription to the monthly newsletter. Mandatory orientation.

Steel City Spectrum
Meets at:
Magic City Acceptance Center
412 37TH ST S
All-ages Trans support group. Meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 4-5 pm.


Bluegrass Belles
Email: or or
A support and social group for all people who identify as Transgender, transsexual, crossdressers, supporters, friends, and family. We meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month in Louisville, KY, and have other outings and events during the month on a floating basis. We welcome both MTF-spectrum and FTM-spectrum people.

PO BOX 1692
CINCINNATI OH 45201-1692
Telephone: 1606 581 3711 (Jenn)
Email: or
A support organization for everyone regardless of sexual preference, practices, or orientation. Meets the third Thursday of the month. All guests and members are expected to be respectful. Common sense is rule.
Publishes: Monthly newsletter

TransKentucky (formerly LexDGA) is a support, social, and resource group serving Lexington and the state of Kentucky as a whole. It is the mission of this group to provide a safe place for Transgender individuals and people who feel they do not fit into the standard gender norms to express their true selves. Within the group, such individuals can socialise with others without fear of judgement and/or ridicule. While the group is not therapeutic in nature, there are many resources and individuals that can provide help with advice and insights from their own unique experiences. Family and friends are invited and encouraged to attend meetings to gain understanding and be supportive of their loved ones. We also welcome supportive community members who have an interest in issues arising due to gender presentation, identity, and variance. The group meets on the first Saturday of each month at 7:30 pm in Lexington, KY. Please email for more information. Meetings are free and you may dress however you feel comfortable.

Southern Boyz
PO BOX 118
NEW HAVEN KY 40051-0118
Telephone: 1502 549 5619
Email: (for meeting times and locations) or (Lee – for additional information)
A division of The American Boyz FTM social/support network serving the mid-south. Southern Boyz are open to anyone who was assigned female gender at birth but does not feel that is a complete or accurate description of who they are, plus their significant others, friends, family, and allies. At present they are holding regional gatherings quarterly and hosting a weekly online social/support chat.


PO BOX 1306
FLORENCE MS 39073-1306
Telephone: 1601 845 1328
Aurora was created and is maintained by Kim Lee Brown, a Trans woman who is providing support to a group of about 30 gender-diverse persons in the Jackson/Central Mississippi area, including FTM-spectrum folks.


Knoxville Boyz
PO BOX 27746
KNOXVILLE TN 37926-7746
Telephone: 1865 689 4260
For folks on the FTM spectrum.

Mirror Image
PO BOX 11052
MEMPHIS TN 38111-0052
Currently meeting every third Saturday of the month from 7pm-10ish at Holy Trinity Community Church.

Mu Sigma, Tri-Ess
JONESBORO AR 72403-0061
Tri-Ess chapter, for heterosexual male crossdressers. Support group serving the Memphis metropolitan area. Inquire.
Publishes: Ms Cotton Belle

Nashville TransMen
Telephone: 1615 871 4430
FTM/Trans and Significant Others support group. Monthly meetings.

Perpetual Transition
Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Centre
MEMPHIS TN 38104-5603
Currently meeting every 2nd and 4th Monday from 7.30-9.00 pm.

The Real Girlz
Cross Plains TN
Support group for transsexual women (male-to-female.

Tennessee Vals
PO BOX 92335
NASHVILLE TN 37209-8335
Telephone: 1615 664 6883 (voice mail)
Meetings on the second Sunday of the month at a private location in the Nashville area. Monthly at 6:45 PM is a discussion group circle for people who are coping with being Transgender. Show up early to our meetings and attend. Our regular program begins at 7:45 PM. A group of spouses and significant others who are living with understanding and adapting to life with a Transgender person meet monthly for a support group. Meetings will usually be held on the Sunday following the Vals’ monthly meeting (generally the second Sunday of the month). They will be from 2:00-3:30 PM in Nashville. The location is private, relaxed and yet in a public restaurant.
Publishes: Monthly newsletter