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Support Groups in Asia

The following is a list of support groups in Asia. For support groups outside Asia, see Support groups.

Disclaimer: Listings are for information purposes only and do not constitute recommendations by T-Vox. All websites listed here are outside of our control; T-Vox is not responsible for their content.


People Like Us (PLUS)
254 Bonomali Banerjee Road
Kolkata – 82
Telephone: 91 33 2402 9305
Representing the experiences and realities of marginalised and vulnerable adolescent and young men and Transfeminine people in India, PLUS (People Like Us – Kolkata) is a support group of young people working for the promotion, protection and advancement of adolescent and young men’s and Transfeminine people’s health and rights, especially their sexual and reproductive health and rights, toward ensuring their meaningful participation and perspectives at all levels of decision-making.

Facebook: Sampoorna India Twitter:
Email for more information.
SAMPOORNA is an Indian Trans Network. Mr Satya Rai Nagpaul founded this network in the early years of 2000 and continues to facilitate it. He is a Trans man. SAMPOORNA’s membership is open to the whole spectrum of Trans [Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, & Gender-Nonconforming] persons. The network remains connected through an e-list which has been running since 2004. SAMPOORNA has monthly meetings in Mumbai. SAMPOORNA’s agenda is:
1. To create a Networking Space for Trans People.
2. Educational Outreach with Families, Friends, Teachers and Employers of Trans people.
3. Advocacy with Legal and Health Care Providers on Trans issues.
4. Networking with other Trans Groups and Allies, in India and the South Asian Region, who are working with Men, Trans Men, and Female Masculinities.
5. Lobbying with Political Parties on Trans Issues.


Elizabeth Club
5-32-18 Kameido
Koto-Ku, Tokyo 136
11.19.033683-6092 (Kameido Club)
Storage, support groups, make-up, etc. Branches throughout Japan.

Elizabeth Club
1-1-9 Kujo
NishiKu, Osaka 550

Elizabeth Nagoya Shop
1-1315 noritake nakamura-ku
Nagoya-shi 453

FTM Nippon
Adachi-ku, Adachinishi-post office 123 Tokyo
Telephone: 033683-6092 (Kameido Club)
Like Elizabeth Club, only for FTMs.


Khusra of Pakistan
Muhamid Aslam Khusra, Ex-Candidate
PF-34 Abbotabad
c/o Hockey Stadium
Abbotabad Pakistan
Code 05921 6158 (leave message) or 05921 2858


Ice and Fire Moscow
Novo-Alekeeuskaya str. 7
Flat No 8
129626 Moscow
Also, Mirninsky r-n. Gagarina str. 28 Flat #3
678190 Aihal Yakutia
Write directly to Margaret Mankevich.
Do Not Use Group Name Or Title On Envelope.
Ph: 287 7096 in Moscow
11-19 in Yakutia.
Support group.