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Changing DWP Records (UK)

This article contains information for people in the United Kingdom.

Changing Details With Department For Work And Pensions

Upon changing your legal name when transitioning it is important to write to the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions [formerly DSS, BA]) to inform them of the change to your name and gender. At the same time as this you should also contact the Inland Revenue to advice them of the change.

Who/Where Do I Need To Contact?

Write to the following address advising of your legal name change and gender change:

Department of Social Security
Special Section D, Room 105H
Contributions Agency Central Operations
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE98 1YX
Telephone: 0191 225 7123

Include a copy of your Statutory Declaration or Deed Poll along with a letter from your GP/Psychiatrist when contacting them.

What Changes Will Be Made?

You will receive a letter advising you that your details have been updated. It will inform you of changes to your state benefit entitlement (see below).

You will also receive a new National Insurance Card. Your NI number will not change. Nor will there be any visible way to differentiate between old and new details via the number.

Your records on the DWP’s computers will become restricted. This may make applications for details and/or help with claims take a little longer as it will be possible that the person you contact will not have acccess to your records so will not be able to process your query at the time of contact.

The JobCentre computer records relating to your searching for work will not be affected this way however.

What Effect Will This Have On My State Benefits?

Your eligibility for all state benefits, other than pensions will not change.

Your age for State Pension eligibility will remain set to your birth-assigned sex. Pensionable ages are slowly being harmonized and changed. Current details are available here.

Further Information

Further information about all state benefits can be found on the DWP’s website.