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Sex Discrimination Act 1975

The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 was established by the British Parliament to protect men, women and transgender people from discrimination on the grounds of gender. The Act is mainly in relation to employment, training, education, the provision of goods and services and in the disposal of premises.

The Act currently does not apply in Northern Ireland.

The Equal Opportunities Commission

The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 established the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) whose main duties are to work towards the elimination of discrimination, to promote equality of opportunity between sexes and to keep under review the workings of the Sex Discrimination Act and the Equal Pay Act of 1970.


The EOC’s may:

  • Conduct formal investigations and issue reports
  • Issue a non-discriminatory notice in any case of contravention of the Acts.
  • Bring proceedings in respect of certain provisions and seek a court injunction to restrain the repetition of an unlawful act
  • Commence a preliminary action before an Employment tribunal on behalf of an individual
  • Give practical guidance and advice to persons who appear to have a complaint under the Acts.

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