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This page is intended to be used as a gateway into the large database of articles concerning laws and legal issues that are contained within the T-Vox website. It is divided into sections depending upon which area of the law and listed alphabetically by country.

The contents list should be used as a quick guide to reach the section you may require and find easily the articles of relevance. It is intended to expand this page to include further countries, and more in-depth information on countries already listed as and when this information becomes available to T-Vox.


Legal systems and their associated laws vary from country to country, and this section is sub-dived to provide links of relevance to each country and catagorised together in relevant groups. As the T-Vox site is expanded, it is hoped to cover more countries and include articles to provide information on areas currently not yet covered.

General non country-specific topics

  • Name changes – this article covers name changing in multiple countries in brief.
  • Legal Aspects of Transsexualism
  • Homosexuality Laws of the World


Name/Record changes


Marriage Related

  • Same sex marriage


Name change



Record/Name change


  • Legal resources

South Africa



Record/Name change

  • Swiss Name Change

United Kingdom

General Topics

Employment related articles

Associated Acts of parliament

Dismissal Articles

Data protection/access and records/name changes

Related Pages

Associated Acts of Parliament

Privacy and Harassment issues

  • Harassment

Associated Acts of Parliament

  • Protection From Harassment Act 1997
  • Criminal Justice And Public Order Act 1994
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • County Courts Act 1984

Marriage related

UK Case Law Precedents

  • Marland v. P&O Ferries (2006)
  • X v. Brighton & Hove City Council (2006)
  • Corbett v. Corbett

United States

Employment Related Articles

Proposed legislation

Names and Records changes

US Case Law Precedents

  • Lawrence Vs Texas

Other resources

  • Legal resources

Other Countries

Please note that this page is still under construction. Check back later for addition of other country-specific pages

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