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Disclosure Scotland

The guidance Disclosure Scotland provides for trans* people is this;
1. Complete the Disclosure Application form stating your current name. There is no requirement for you to disclose the name you were previously known by.

2. Complete the question regarding Gender in part B of the application as your current gender .(Some of the older discontinued forms which may still be in circulation have Gender at Birth in this sections).Just complete the section using your current gender. These forms are out of circulation and removed a few years ago but just in case any of the organisations have not disposed of these forms.

3. You will require to provide details of your previous name(s) to Disclosure Scotland. This can be done by providing the relevant details i.e your birth certificate from your original name and any documents regarding to your legal change e.g Statutory Declaration documentation. These should be a photocopies – please do not send your original documents.

4. This detail should be sent to:

Andrew Morrall
Disclosure Scotland
PO Box 250
G51 1YU

5. Please ensure to mark the envelope as Private and Confidential or To Be Opened By Addressee Only.

6. Please advise if you wish the copies returned or shredded. I will confirm that shredding has occurred.

7. The Disclosure Scotland Certificate only has details of current name and does not disclose previous names.

8. If you require any help please call on 0141 585 8332.

Further information can be found on the Disclosure Scotland website.