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CRB Checks

What Are CRB Checks?

A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check is a way for an employer to better check an applicant for a position is suited to a given role they might of applied for.

Will I Need To Disclose My Gender Change?

You will have to disclose any previous names on the form. However you are not obliged to declare any previous names/gender changes to your employer/prospective employer.

If you are unsure about who will see your disclosure form (some employers are registered umbrella organisations and can do the disclosure process themselves) then you can contact the CRB Customer Services Team on (0151) 676 1452; Monday to Friday; 9am till 5pm. Alternatively, you can email them at:

Finally, you can also write to them at:

Criminal Records Bureau
Customer Service Enquiries
PO Box 110
Liverpool L69 3EF

The CRB’s current recommendations for trans people, however, are to contact them by phone or email, as listed above.

Why Might I Need One?

An employer can request you have a CRB Check carried out to ensure you are suitable for the role you have applied for. This is especially true to situations where you may come into contact with vulnerable adults or children (such as a school or hospital).

If you have any previous criminal convictions it is advisable to disclose these either on the form at the time of completion or over the phone with the Bureau who will be able to help you further.

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