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Acronym for Significant Others (boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse, husband, wife, etc.), Family (parents, children, siblings, grandparents, extended family, etc.), Friends, and Allies. While it is absolutely possible to be both a Trans person and a SOFFA of other Trans people, the term is generally used to mean cisgender SOFFAs.

Some SOFFAs may fit under the transgender umbrella and yet be non transitioning or non-op. The stereotyping of SOFFAs as cisgender can cause difficulty and alienation for transgender SOFFAs trying to find support who wouldn’t generally attend a support group meant for those who are transitioning. Genderqueer and questioning groups are possible sources of support for non transitioning transgender partners. Also, there are open minded groups online for Soffa Support.

Terms with a more negative connotation referring to those who have attraction to transgender individuals includes admirer (less negative), chaser, Andromimetophilia, and Gynemimetophilia.