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The initialism LGBTI (or GLBTI) is used to refer collectively to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex people. The acronym is an adaptation of the initialisms LGB and LGBT. The initialism GLBT is also extensively used in the United States and commonly in Australia, but to a lesser extent elsewhere.

Many variants exist. The most commonly used involve adding a Q for queer or questioning (some variants, in fact, use two Qs to represent both of these groups), an A for asexual or allies (and sometimes S for straight ally), or a P for pansexual or polyamorous. Some also add an O for omnisexual or other.

Meaning of each term

Each term in the initialism is used to refer to members of the specific group and to the community that surrounds them. This can include rights advocates, artists, authors, etc.