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Bedsit Land

Bedsit Land is a term coined by transgender activist Zoe Kirk-Robinson to describe people who attempt to hide from the real world as much as possible during their Real Life Test. It is derived from the idea that transitioners who are afraid to go out in their acquired gender would spend the majority of their time in their bedsit, only venturing out when they absolutely have to.

It is often the case that “Bedsit Landers” see surgery as the point at which they will gain the confidence to go out and face the real world, when in reality this is as far from the truth as you can get. Confidence is not built by surgery, Kirk-Robinson argues, it is built by becoming familiar with living life in the acquired gender. There is no substitute for getting out and meeting people.

As successful social and vocational interaction are a major factor in determining the success of the Real Life Test, living in Bedsit Land is not regarded as a successful transition.