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Andromimetophilia is the attraction to male identified, female assigned individuals who may identify as trans men/trans masculine (pre-op or post-op) or they may identify as butch, drag king, etc. The defining characteristic is that they are primarily male identified.

The word adromimetophilia has a negative connotation and is a somewhat loaded or controversial term in the transgender community, particularly since it is associated with paraphilia or fetishes. In order to promote positive gender identity, many transgender people would rather not use terms which refer to fetishes because of the connotation of sexual objectification in relationship to transgender people.

Andromimetophilia may be a word assigned to both chasers and admirers. People who are attracted to male-identified transgender people may be of any gender or sexual orientation. They may or may not think of their attraction as a fetish.

Some people may have a more sex-positive view of fetishes and not be bothered by the idea of objectification, while other people may view fetishisation and objectification as oppressive and dangerous.

Andromimetophilia is a primarily psychological term and psychological practitioners should take care in using this label as it can be psychologically damaging.

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