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Frans Noorman van der Dussen

Doctor M. Frans Noorman van der Dussen (often abbreviated to Dr. NvdD) (b. 1942) is a well-known craniofacial surgeon at the Eeuwfeestkliniek (Centenary Clinic) in Antwerp, Belgium. He specialises in facial feminization surgery of transsexual and transgender women and in the correction of congenital facial defects such as cleft palate.

He is a pioneer of the use of medical stereolithography; the production of 3-D models from a CAT scan of cranial damage. These models are then used to practise on and to produce near-perfect ‘patches’ which are then used in the actual surgery to cover breaches of the skull.

Dr. Noorman van der Dussen is also chair of the European Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing medical aid to children in developing countries who need corrective surgery.

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