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Forum Rules and Regulations

Please note this page is now historical. It refers to parts of the T-Vox website that no longer exist.

This article refers to the T-Vox forum, the policies for which are now separate from the policies of the wiki. For wiki policies, please see Policies.

T-Vox (hereafter known as ‘T-Vox’ or ‘the site’) is designed to offer support and a place to meet new people who are all going through, or have gone through, either the same or similar problems as one another. These rules have been created in order to make sure the site runs as fairly as possible. In order to join the site, you must agree to uphold the rules as laid out in this document.

The rules and regulations may change from time to time. Any changes made will be by the majority vote of the site’s membership. In order to continue being a member of the site following any changes made to the rules, you must agree to uphold the rules as laid out following the changes.

Agreement to adhere to these rules and regulations does not affect your statutory rights as laid out by the laws of the United Kingdom.

Section One: Rules

Rule One: Freedom of Belief, Expression and Speech

The site is open to the free discussion of all topics within the remit of its fora.

Rule Two: Right to Equitable Treatment. Freedom From Hassassment and Discrimination

All members are required to acknowledge the right of members to hold different views and beliefs from themselves and not to subject other members to harrassment because of any differing views. All members of the site are to be treated equally.

Harrassment or abuse of members of the site, whether on or off the site, in public or private messages, by current or past members is unacceptable and will result in an investigation being undertaken by the Moderator Team. The result of this investigation may be to suspend or delete your account with the site or to inform the relevant law enforcement agencies of your conduct.

Rule Three: Right To Privacy

All members have the right to post on the site without fear that their views will be transmitted elsewhere or reposted outside of the site without their permission. Members are not permitted to repost material from T-Vox elsewhere, be it online or in print, or convey material from T-Vox to a non-member without the express written permission of the material’s creator, unless the material is being passed on to law enforcement agencies in the course of complying with rules 2 and 5.

Rule Four: Advertising and Vested Interests

Site Administrators reserve the right to place small, unobtrusive adverts onto the site in order to lower the burden on themselves of the site’s running costs. Any excess revenue generated by these adverts remains the property of T-Vox, not the administrators, moderator team or members. Should the site generate any excess revenue, the decision on what to do with the money will be taken by the Moderator Team, following any proposals by members.

Advertising by members with a vested interest in a business or products, or advertising on behalf of people with such vested interests is forbidden, both on the site and directly to site members.

Rule Five: Illegal Activities

The site expressly forbids the discussion of, endorsement of or engagement in illegal activities anywhere on the site. You are reminded that T-Vox is based in the United Kingdom and all activity on the site is therefore covered by UK law. The site’s Moderator Team are duty bound to inform the relevant law enforcement agencies of any illegal activities of members of the site.

Rule Six: Accounts

All members may have only one account registered on the site at any one time. The only exception to this rule is for moderators and site admin, who must have one account for site admin and moderation duties and one account for their personal posts, in order to differentiate between personal comments, opinions and beliefs and the statements of the moderator or site admin teams.

Section Two: Moderation and Appeals

For the purposes of clarity, both Site Admin and Moderators are referred to throughout this section as ‘Moderators’ or ‘The Moderator Team’.

Status of Moderators

The moderators and site administrators of T-Vox are bound by the same rules as all other members of the site. Moderators are required to uphold the good standing of the site at all times they are on the site or in any dealing they have on behalf of the site.

Decisions By The Moderator Team

No one moderator is permitted to admit new members to the site, suspend accounts indefinitely or delete accounts. Decisions of this nature must be made through a majority decision by the entire moderator team. A moderator may suspend an account due to a member’s inappropriate behaviour, providing that moderator informs the Moderator Team immediately, detailing the curcumstances leading to the suspension. The Moderator Team will then decide on an appropriate course of action.

Removal of Moderator Status and Election of New Moderators

Moderators may step down from their position at any time and are requested to give 1 week’s notice to the moderator team, where possible. New Moderators will be elected from members of the site who are nominated by the Moderator Team. A new Moderator must be agreed on by a majority decision by the existing Moderator Team.

Should a decision be reached, the member of the site concerned will then be contacted and offered the position, the site member is not to be contacted regarding nomination until a decision is reached. Should the site member refuse the position, nominations must begin again.

Moderators may be removed from the Moderator Team by the majority decision of the Moderator Team. Should a moderator be found to be in serious breach of any of the site rules, that moderator must be removed from the Moderator Team immediately and an investigation into their conduct begun.


Any site member is allowed to appeal against any decision made by the Moderation Team. On receipt of such an appeal, the Moderator Team must investigate the decision and report on the outcome of the investigation, including a decision on whether to uphold or overturn the original decision, to the site member within 1 month of receipt of the appeal. The Moderator Team may chose to overturn any decision made previously, by a majority vote.

The membership of the site must be informed of the receipt of any appeal, but not who made the receipt, by a public post on the forum. When a decision is made, the membership of the site must be informed of the decision, plus whether the original decision has been upheld or overturned, in a public post on the forum.

Section Three: Core Values

The following are the values that T-Vox is designed to uphold. Members of the Site Admin and Moderating Team are required to adhere to these values in their work for the site.

  1. To create an environment where people can question and determine their gender identity free from harrassment and abuse.
  2. To create an environment free from intolerance of differing beliefs and opinions.
  3. To create an environment where open and honest debate can thrive.
  4. To create an environment where differing theories and viewpoints can be discussed without prejudice.