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What Information We Hold

Please note that this page is now historical. It refers to parts of the T-Vox website that no longer exist

In order to allow the smooth running of T-Vox, the databases (Main Site and Wiki databases) running our site require certain information to be stored. So that you can all see what we keep and why, we’d decided it’s best to list some details here.

Please note that although we require a short bio in order to vet people for the forum, we don’t keep this bio once you have been authorised for the forum. All emails containing bio data are routinely deleted once vetting is completed.

As the site is effectively split into two parts (Forum and Wiki), we will deal with the data held for each part separately.

The Forum

On the Forum, we hold the following data on all users who have registered accounts:

  • The Nickname to use to identify you to the server.
  • Your e-mail address, so the site can send you your password and an authorisation e-mail.
  • Your password, so other people can’t log in as you or interact with the site as if they are you.
  • Your preferred theme, so the site displays in a way you like.
  • Your preferred language, so while the site’s content is in English, you can have the interface displayed in a language you’d prefer.

Users may chose to input extra data into their account details and this data is also stored on our server. These are ‘preferences’ that allow them to interact with T-Vox in the manner they prefer:

  • Your name, which will be shown on your Profile.
  • A fake email address, in case you don’t want people e-mailing you.
  • The address of your homepage, which will be shown on your Profile.
  • Your ICQ number, AIM username, Yahoo! Messenger username and MSN Messenger username, so people can contact you quickly and easily.
  • Your location, which will be shown on your Profile.
  • Your occupation, which will be shown on your Profile.
  • Your interests, which will be shown on your Profile.
  • Whether to receive our newsletter by email.
  • Whether or not to show your email address to people viewing your profile.
  • Whether or not you’d like to show people when you’re online.
  • Whether to notify you via email when you receive a private message.
  • Whether T-Vox should attempt to generate a small pop-up window when you access the Forum areas of the site, whenever you’ve received a new private message.
  • Whether to always attach your signature to messages posted to T-Vox.
  • Whether to show BBCode, HTML and smilies when viewing messages on T-Vox.
  • Which date format and TimeZone you’d like the forum to use.
  • The signature you’d like to attach to messages.
  • Extra info you’d like to tell people who read your profile.
  • Whether to use an avatar on the forum and the URL of the file to use as an avatar, should you choose to use one.

The Wiki

We hold the following data on all users with accounts registered on the Wiki:

  • Your username, so the wiki can differentiate your activities on the wiki from those of everyone else. Users without accounts are differentiated by their IP address.
  • Your e-mail address, so the wiki can e-mail you a password if you forget yours, and also so the wiki can send you an account verification message.
  • Your password, so nobody else can log in as and interact with the wiki as if they were you.
  • The wiki theme you’d prefer to use, which just generates the wiki’s content in a way you’d prefer.

We hold the following additional data on users with accounts on the Wiki, should they wish to enter it:

  • Your name, which is used for attributing your work – the Wiki will default to your username if no name is entered here.
  • The language to use for the Wiki interface, as the Wiki can display its interface in several languages, even though the Wiki’s content is all in English.
  • Where the Wiki’s ‘Quickbar’ should be positioned, so you can put it where you prefer.
  • How to render equations, to keep your display working properly, as not all browsers follow the HTML standards of the Wiki.
  • ‘Preferences on the size and interface for the Edit Box as well as various other formatting issues, so things on the Wiki look nice for you.
  • Your timezone, so things display in a time you recognise.
  • How to display recent changes, stubs, search results; so things on the Wiki look nice for you.

Other Data

The only other data we hold about people is information they enter onto the site, such as posts sent to the forum; private messages that are sent and received (which we cannot read, as the data is secured by your password, which we cannot discover); and any wiki entries/edits you make.

Any Questions

If you require any more information, please do not hesistate to contact either the moderators or webmaster.