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Transsexual Pregnancy

Transsexual men who are able to menstruate can sometimes still get pregnant after transitioning. Thomas Beatie gave birth to three children following transition, for example.

Transsexual pregnancy for trans women, like male pregnancy, has been limited to the realms of speculation, science fiction and comedy as the phenomenon would be a biological impossibility under traditional circumstances. Due to advances in modern medicine the concept is generally considered possible, but both the risks and the chances of success are still at foolhardy levels.

Male-to-Female transsexuals, like non-intersex cisgender men, lack a womb, so for a transsexual pregnancy to occur, alternative measures have to be made. Ectopic pregnancy is a given, and fertilization would be done in vitro by implantation into the abdominal cavity. Since most trans women take various form of oestrogen to induce female secondary sex characteristics, the hormonal balance in the transsexuals body would be adequate for carrying and nurturing a foetus.

Several advances in stem cell technology have made it possible for male mammals to produce eggs. Scientists have found a way to mass produce eggs from embryos, even male embryos. Reported in the journal Science, the work shows that, even outside the body, embryonic stem cells remain “totipotent,” that is capable of generating any of the body’s tissues, according to Prof Hans Scholer. [1]

Being that most males (and most trans women) have one X chromosome, the sex chromosome possessed by women, they can make eggs. The resulting children from the male/transsexual female couple would be the biological children of the couple.

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