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Snug [snuhg] (British): A small, secluded room in a tavern, as for private parties.

Welcome to The Snug, the section of T-Vox set aside to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of the T-Vox wiki. The Snug is divided into six distinct tables, to make following the various discussions easier. Please use the most appropriate table to post on, or post on the miscellaneous table if no other fits the bill.

The Snug is divided into the following tables:

  • Assistance - Requests for help on topics not covered by the Helpdesk.
  • Policy - Discussions of existing, or proposed, policies regarding the T-Vox wiki.
  • Proposals - Discussions of non-policy proposals regarding the T-Vox wiki.
  • Technical - Discussions of technical issues related to the T-Vox wiki.
  • Suggestions - Make suggestions about additions to T-Vox.
  • Miscellaneous - Discussions regarding the T-Vox wiki that do not fit in elsewhere.